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But the Slim is really the only option if you want something super thin, and it has all the other benefits you get with a Tile. Orbit offers a number of styles of trackers, including the Orbit Glasses , which fits on eyeglasses or sunglasses, and the Orbit Card , a card-style tracker even thinner than Tile Slim.

Anecdotally, I lost a pair of sunglasses outfitted with Orbit Glasses in busy and tech-heavy New York City, and despite marking them as lost in the app in hopes of an Orbit user passing by and finding them, I never received a notice that it was found by another Orbit user.

In head-to-head tests in June , the TrackR Pixel averaged distances of The Chipolo Plus is an impressively good clone of the second-generation Tile which is no longer available. The Chipolo Plus worked well in our tests, but its ranges and alarm volume were comparable with those of the second-generation Tile Mate, which was quieter than current models.

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Chipolo also has fewer users than Tile, making its crowd-finding system less robust. And one of our review units produced a weird clicking noise. An updated version of the TrackR Bravo was released in October with supposedly improved range and a louder alarm compared with the original. These results were terrible compared with the other models we tested at the time and are much worse compared with current Tile trackers.

The Pebblebee Honey has some great attributes, at least at first glance. The battery is replaceable, and it has a crowd-finding feature. The PingGPS Ping is roughly the same height and width as a Tile tracker, but almost half an inch thick, and it uses GPS and a cellular connection instead of Bluetooth to ostensibly help you find your stuff. In our tests in New York City, however, the location never updated when we separated the Ping and our phone.

Nature of a cellular gps device that pushes the bounds of physics. We waited well over a year to try the Pixie tracker, intrigued by the promise of its augmented-reality companion app.

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We finally tested it in early , and we were disappointed by how impractical it was. Available in sets of two or four trackers, the Pixie system requires one of those trackers to be attached to your phone, either with adhesive or nestled inside a custom silicone case currently included with purchase.

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When you get within about 20 feet, the live view goes away and you get a fairly accurate direction and a distance indicator. In a test where we tried to locate three hidden trackers in a house, we found the process frustrating. It took the better part of a minute to pan back and forth. Even when the app told us we were close to a tracker and showed us the general direction, knowing exactly where to go was difficult. We also saw no clear indication when a tracker was on a different floor—something we would have quickly figured out with an audible tone.

The company will be collaborating with Sennheiser, Sol Republic, Plantronics, and Soundcore by Anker to add Tile capabilities to certain headphones as well.

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Tile Mate Less expensive but shorter range and quieter The benefits of the Tile ecosystem in a less-expensive package—but it has shorter range and a quieter alarm. Turns out it was in your back pocket. Of course.

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For the next step, grab your Tile and click the button in the center underneath the logo. Put your Tile next to your phone to pair it. Once your Tile is paired, you should see a bright blue screen saying that your Tile has been activated. You can choose from some preset categories like keys or wallet, or choose your own custom label. On the last screen, you can test your Tile by tapping the green Find button. This will make your Tile ring until you click the logo on it.

There are two ways you can use your Tile to find your stuff. You can either use your phone to locate your Tile, or you can use your Tile to locate your phone. For the former, open up your app.

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The icon on the right will show you the connection status of your Tile. One caveat: you can't replace the battery on the Chipolo Plus. For that, you'll need to use the Chipolo Classic, which isn't as loud as the Plus. A newer version, the spherical Chipolo Dot , will ship this fall and feature a replaceable battery.

Note that key finders are often offered at a discount from these prices, especially if you buy multiple trackers. We put every key finder we review through a series of tests. To test the volume of the alarm, we bury the key finder in a clothes hamper filled with laundry and see how far we can walk away before the alarm becomes inaudible.

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  7. We also check to how long the alarm sounds before shutting off. To test range, we go to a public park and leave the key finder behind.

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    We check every 10 feet until we lose the signal or can no longer hear the alarm. We also take note of how quickly the key finder re-establishes a connection with our phone once it's back in range. If a key finder promises a digital leash feature, we walk away, taking note of how long before we receive an out-of-range notification on our phone. With some key finders now offering ranges beyond feet, we also go to a local football field and check ranges on those trackers.

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    Design: We consider the size and shape of each proximity sensor. We also look at the ease of inserting a new battery into those devices with replaceable batteries. App Features: We look at the design of the companion app for each key finder, and consider additional features such as two-way finding capabilities. Volume: We compare the volume of each key finder's alarm, giving extra consideration to key finders that are louder.

    Range: We consider how far away we can get from a key finder before it loses its connection with our phone.