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Protect Young Eyes promotes a 3-layer approach for creating a safer internet experience on all portable, digital devices. We have strong opinions about controlling where kids use their tech. Two popular options for parents are:.

Why Spying On Your Kids With iMessage Is Confusing

Remember, the device will often be using a data plan or be connected to a wireless network that is not under your control. Related Post: iPhone Parental Controls Verizon Family Base. T-Mobile FamilyWhere.

The biggest reasons kids ask for an iPod Touch are for texting with their friends and downloading and listening to their favorite music. Unlimited and free!

iMessages Monitoring App | Read Sent & Received iPhone iMessage Threads

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Apple iMessage bug allows others to spy on your convos

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Is It Possible To iMessage Spy On My Child’s iPhone?

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Dealing with an iPhone? Look no Further than TheOneSpy

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