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Uzialko, Writer June 17, Read Review. Best Free Employee Monitoring Software. SoftActivity Monitor.

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What to Expect in Employee monitoring is a sensitive subject, and there are varying rules and regulations from state to state. Our Methodology To help you find the best employee monitoring software, we researched and analyzed dozens of companies. Summary Teramind is comprehensive and intuitive employee monitoring software that includes all the essential features, like webpage and program tracking, keystroke monitoring, screenshots, and live chat monitoring. It is versatile and easy to use. Its price tag is on the high end among the software we reviewed, but the quality certainly justifies the price.

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If it's in your budget, Teramind will not only effectively keep tabs on your employees' behavior but make it easy for you to monitor it as well. Summary SentryPC is our best pick for small businesses because it offers employee monitoring software at a competitive rate without cutting corners on features. It is easy to learn and use, and it includes the essential tools like email monitoring, inactivity alerts and data loss prevention measures. Its pricing model is unique in that it allows you to purchase one license on an annual basis and then additional licenses at a significantly discounted rate.

Each license provides access to the full functionality of the software without restricting any features. Summary ActivTrak offers a free version of its software to monitor up to three users, making it a great option for very small businesses that want the capabilities of an employee monitoring software without paying for more than they need.

ActivTrak is an intuitive program with a modern user interface and the most important features we looked for in our review. The paid version unlocks advanced features as well, including USB device detection, a security audit feature and a remote agent installer, all useful for administrators managing the platform. However, the free version has more than enough features for a small office to get started monitoring their employees and ultimately determine whether paying for an employee monitoring solution is worth the investment.

Summary ContentProtect Professional is our best pick for employee monitoring software specifically for filtering online content.

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Content filters warn users before they access questionable content or prohibit users from accessing specific content altogether. ContentProtect has a flexible and easy-to-use content filter that gives administrators a strong degree of control over the online content users can and cannot access.

It also notifies administrators any time a user attempts to work their way around the filters to a blocked webpage. Summary SoftActivity Monitor is our best pick for employee monitoring software for internet management — not only for its useful activity monitoring and content filtering features, but also because of its productivity tools and useful reporting features. SoftActivity Monitor can monitor every facet of employees' online activities. It captures and logs web browsing, email, live chat and social media activity in an easy-to-review format. It also provides a real-time feed from a user's display to a central dashboard, allowing administrators to take a live look into employee behavior.

Full List. Services InterGuard InterGuard's employee monitoring software aims to gauge productivity, as well as employee compliance with legal guidelines and company policy.

Top 12 Employee Monitoring Software Tools

NetVizor NetVizor focuses on keeping employees on task and productive. It monitors their web browsing, application usage, and social media platforms for distractions and time-wasting. OsMonitor OsMonitor offers admins insight into employees' screens in real time, as well as the ability to block specific content, such as unwanted websites or video games. Pearl Echo. Suite Pearl Echo. Suite is billed as web filtering and cybersecurity software that can run on desktops and mobile devices to monitor email, browsing, file transfers and more.

SafeSquid SafeSquid is designed to monitor employee activity and protect networks against malicious software and preventable attacks. It is a scalable solution that can grow with your business. Kickidler Kickidler offers a real-time view into employee activity with a grid-style dashboard and a built-in time and attendance tool. The software also includes a data-centric reporting suite that provides an overview of the insights gathered by the software as it monitors each device. Admins can remotely take control of any monitored device directly from the dashboard.

Additional security functions are also included. VeriClock Vericlock is a time-tracking software that primarily monitors employees' time on the clock and location. It employs GPS geotagging to monitor where your employees are clocking in and out from, which is useful for tracking mobile employees making deliveries or simply ensuring employees are where they claim to be.

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Vericlock also includes a snapshot system for verifying the employees are making continuous progress on whatever task they've been given. Veriato Cerebral Veriato Cerebral focuses on granting administrators visibility into employee activity, as well as control over what they can and cannot do online. It is a flexible system that allows you to tailor the parameters to your organization.

Websense Web Filter Websense Web Filter by Forcepoint is focused on the online content filtering side of the employee monitoring equation, ensuring that employees do not access prohibited or time-wasting content while using company devices or during the workday. Work Examiner Work Examiner offers a day free trial, one of the longest in our reviews. It includes surveillance and web usage controls, as well as time-tracking software for employee management.

Here are five ways in which an employee monitoring software can help your organization maintain high levels of efficiency and ensure greater productivity. Get more control over what your employees use the Internet for. CurrentWare , an employee web filtering software provider, offers an Internet control system that allows you to restrict and track internet usage and enforce a web access policy across all workstations in your office.

This allows you to cut down on unnecessary distractions and time-wasting activities that employees sometimes get hooked onto. It also helps you keep a tight control on and limit internet access and bandwidth, which helps to keep costs down while maintaining high-speed access for all work-related activities.

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An employee monitoring software with a browser report tool can generate tabular and graphical reports of how a particular employee used the internet during a given timeframe. Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be used by managers to coach distracted employees and quarantine time-wasting activities. Employee internet monitoring software can also be used by managers during performance evaluation discussions to grade their employees and provide necessary feedback.

Even though they may have gone through extensive training, your employees will sometimes make mistakes. The important thing to do is to identify and isolate those mistakes so that you can provide the necessary training.

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By monitoring real time or recorded progress remotely, you can check if your employees are following standard procedures and working on tasks diligently. Errors can be corrected as they happen, which will help reduce costs and save time. On any given day, if you notice that a particular employee has too many tasks to complete, while another team member has relatively fewer or lower-priority tasks on hand, you can redistribute some of the tasks so that the workload is balanced.

This helps reduce bottlenecks and increase efficiency, resulting in happier customers and more business. Employee monitoring software that incorporates effective browse control mechanisms helps you filter or block internet websites or certain categories of websites.

Types of Employee Monitoring Systems

Employees are often considered the greatest assets of an organization. But getting the best out of them is not always an easy task.