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For spying activities, we can use our smartphone as well.

Part 2. Comparison for These 9 Spy Call Recorder Apps

With the advent of digital electronics and advancement in technology, we have so many areas open now. Unmanned aircraft and remote-controlled drones are now things of the present. Spying activity is not only for personal gains but it serves bigger arena as well. You can spy for a specific purpose, such as wife spying on her husband to rule out any possibility of another woman.

Software such as FreePhoneSpy can record the sound of surroundings and store it safely at some central place where you can easily assess it as and when required. If infidelity is the cause of concern between husband and wife then the same can be sorted out with proper proof. In fact, if you look at it closely then sound recorder is one of the best features of a mobile phone if you want to spy on somebody.

Without letting the target person know about your intentions, you can easily record the surrounding voice with spy app such as FreePhoneSpy. The pro version also removes the advertising from the free version. Hi-Q is one of the more powerful voice recorder apps out there. It records in MP3. That makes the sound files compatible with virtually everything. Along with that, you can have it upload automatically to Dropbox once recording finishes.

Live Recording | Listen Real Time Recording of Target Android Mobile..

It also comes with widget support, the ability to choose which mic on your device you want to use assuming you have more than one , support for Wi-Fi transfer, gain control, and more. The paid version adds a few more features as well. LectureNotes is one of the best apps for college students. It does a lot of stuff.

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You can take notes, organize those notes, and use them later for your homework. The app doesn't record audio natively. Additionally, it lets you record stuff while you use the regular LectureNotes app. That makes it an excellent one-two combo for, well, lectures. You can also get a plugin for recording videos as well. It's a bit of a heavy package. Thus, we don't recommend this for people looking for a simple, lightweight recorder.

However, if you're college, this is about as good as it gets. Take a break with some more excellent app lists!

Music Maker Jam Price: Free with in-app purchases. Music Maker Jam is an audio recording app for musicians. It's a great app for recording some lyrics, music, or whatever else you feel like doing. The app records multiple tracks, includes an editor for fine tuning your production, and additional tools for remixing and otherwise mastering your work.

There are in-app purchases. They let you buy things like loops and other such content. It also has direct integration with SoundCloud, Facebook, and most other social networks. This is a little much if you just need to record a meeting or a lecture at school.

However, musicians should definitely try this one first. Otter is a voice recorder for professionals. Its feature set is mostly for business meetings and other more serious matters.


It does the basics like recording, sharing, and playback. It also includes a transcription service, cloud storage, cross-platform support, and it even supports stuff like photos. The free version includes minutes of transcription per month. From it's early days it has been known as Smart Voice Recorder , rebranded later to a bit more generic name.

How to Use This Feature?

Because, you know, it's great not only for voice. It is easy to use and reliable. Record the whole lecture and take notes later! Easy to use, record and playback as well as options to upload recordings to SoundCloud or share files…" "Very useful to monitor our dog, how much he barks when he is alone at home…" "…Used it in the office for presentation prep and personal speeches.

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Legal Info

Some manufacturers block the ability to record the other party of a phone call for privacy or legal reasons. For the same purpose, the app will even pause recording during phone calls, but it can be turned off in the settings.

Check your local laws and make sure it works on your handset first. Reviews Review Policy.