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I spoke with 15 relationship experts to explore the possibilities.

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Basically, it's not a cut-and-dried situation: If someone cheats on you , and you're committed to the relationship, you might not necessarily want to just get up and leave. And it might be a deeper and more intricate situation than that, anyway. If you want to consider all of your options and think about what to do next, here are 15 possible things you can do if you catch your partner cheating on you. And keep in mind that you don't have to make any serious decisions just yet — if you found out recently, you can give it some time and let things unfold before you make a concrete choice about what to do next.

Jennifer Rhodes tells Bustle. Given the circumstances of your relationship, you may need to respond in a thoughtful manner.

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And then you can consider what to do next. Do not post comments on social media like celebrities — all of this can be used against you in your breakup or divorce. When people first find out they have been cheated on, they want to tell everyone in their family and friends circle. This can potentially backfire if you decide to stay together and work on your relationship.

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From there, healing can happen. The person cheating make a conscious decision to do this. They could have told you that things are not going well in the relationship and made it clear that continuing it may not be the best thing. Since your partner didn't do this first, it's up to you what you decide to do. Van Hochman believes that if your partner was really in it for the long run, they wouldn't cheat in the first place.

But that's completely up to you. If you feel as though it's worth working it out, go for it — but be sure you do so only because you want to and you feel as though it was a temporary blip. Though it may not be a straightforward thing, if you can talk it out, you might benefit from the conversation. Because the thing about cheating is you have a choice. No one falls into bed with another person. So if they made the choice to cheat, then they should also accept the consequences.

And what your partner needs from you.

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And it can lead to healing. Tessina, aka Dr. You want proof. You NEED proof; actual, tangible proof. And even though it will devastate you, the only thing worse is not knowing. When it comes down to it, you want to figure out how to catch a cheater.

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Thanks to technology, it has never been easier to cheat on your spouse. That being said, it's also that much easier to catch them in the act. Here are some effective ways to spy on your spouse to get the evidence you need to bust a cheater.

Watching porn is cheating

Posted by Denette Wilford on September 14, Getty Images. If your partner's been super-protective of his or her phone, and you suspect they're being unfaithful, try and sneak a peek if you can. Don't forget to always check for aliases because "Michelle" may be someone else entirely.

While no software can show you how to find out the true identity of a caller, there are apps like Spyzie or Call Log Monitor that can track their contact list and call logs to help tell you exactly how many times a day this "work" calls. Once you have that, make a note of any numbers you find and contact the mystery caller yourself to bust a cheater once and for all. Plus, don't miss the top 10 surprising facts about cheating you really ought to know. One should respect another person's privacy, of course, but if you suspect your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating or your wife or husband is having an affair and you are ready to see it for yourself, then try going into his or her email trash folder.

If they're actively emailing with someone else, they may have forgotten to permanently delete any conversations.

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While you're at it, you might also want to check their computer's recycle bin for any incriminating photos. If you find anything, then you can kick this human trash to the curb. If you have a joint account, it's that much easier. Just look for transactions you don't recognize particularly for obvious things like lingerie, jewellery, hotel or restaurant bills.

Anything out of the ordinary that could be a sign of infidelity. Modern software like Mint not only manages your money but you might just be glancing at his or her phone when a monthly expense notification appears. Make a copy or take a screenshot of anything suspect and keep it hidden in a safe place as you continue your investigation in the hopes of catching that cheater red-handed. It's one thing to spot a liar, it's another to suspect that they've been receiving messages or pictures from another love interest.

Just because your partner's deleted photos from his or her computer doesn't mean that they still don't exist somewhere, waiting for you to uncover.