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Listening Devices and Spy Phones are the perfect way to covertly record any conversation and in a sometimes challenging environment and collect the evidence you need. Spy cameras are becoming widely used at home and at work, with an average of 1 in every 3 using this as a home surveillance solution.

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Many businesses are also employing covert video surveillance across the UK and the world as criminals work out avoiding Overt CCTV systems. Fighting against online criminals can be challenging, in this digital world are you aware of all the threats against your data and loved ones?

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  • Using the modern computer and forensics gadgets will confidently help you combat and protect against them. Counter surveillance through the use of spy camera detectors and listening bug detection products are becoming more commonplace in locations such as swimming pools and workplace meeting rooms. With each piece of spy equipment we develop, test and sell in our spy shop, comes with it a free download of useful facts and information. This will help you make a better-informed decision when it comes to purchasing the best spy gadget for your needs.

    Take action and find out the facts so you can sleep at night without any more worry. Speak with our team of professionals today either by email or phone so we can better understanding of your specific requirements. We also welcome you to visit us at our head office spy shop in Coventry where we can talk through your needs in more detail to find the best solution for you. We can assure you that privacy is a paramount and discreet delivery of products and advice is assured.

    We place you in a scenario that illustrates just how good our asset tracker is! Home A great selection of resources available from one of the UKs No. Listening Devices. Is my partner cheating on me? How useful are infidelity spy detection products? Each product type has been carefully selected to be the finest of its kind and because we never compromise on quality, its unnecessary for us to offer a bewildering range of options. Prices are subject to VAT and shipping if applicable. Transmission equipment supplied by Lorraine Electronics is compliant with current European, American and Canadian Regulations.

    We protect your legal position. Please read our legal notice.

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    Prices are subject to VAT and shipping if applicable Whatever your reason for needing equipment, your privacy is guaranteed. Personal Digital Recording System - PDR This recorder has been re-engineered and enhanced to enable it to be used for surveillance purposes. Bodyworn Button Camera System This system is ideal for mystery shoppers and people that simply want to gather evidence in meetings or face-to-face conversations.

    Spy Watches, Glasses and Keyrings We have a section full of spy equipment for those that have an interest in gadgets or require a gift. This allows you to remotely view your hidden camera from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. We can also custom build hidden WIFI cameras to suit your environment. Click below to see our range.


    Picture Frame with Hidden Camera This normal looking picture frame has a HD camera with audio and can record for weeks depending on movement. It also features night vision which is invisible.

    This picture frame is also very thin. This computer mouse is completely functional and on the surface it looks no different to any other computer mouse. Europe's most recognised online spy shop. Products shipped in discreet packaging. New developments in spy technology available from us first.

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    Tested by security experts with over 60 years combined experience. Major supplier to government departments in the UK and Internationally. Tracking Devices 13 items. Counter Surveillance 7 items. Surveillance Cameras 59 items. Audio Surveillance 51 items. Featured Products.